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Admissions Forms 2023-24 Nursery and REception

Admissions Policy 2023-24 Nursery and recpetion

Important dates 2023-2024

Closing date for applications

15 January 2023

National Offer Day (posted)

Monday 17th April 2023

Deadline for parents to lodge appeal

 17th May 2023

Deadline for parents to receive notice of hearing date

10 school days before hearing date

Deadline for all parties to submit additional evidence and Clerk to send papers to panel and parties

5 days before hearing date

Deadline for hearing appeals

For applications made in the normal admissions round, within 40 school days of the deadline for lodging appeal

Deadline for sending decision letter

5 days after appeal hearing

How to get CRP Points?

For further information about the crp points, please click on the following link: https://www.theus.org.uk/crp
You can also watch the CRP information video (http://www.TheUS.tv/crp2021) and see the FAQ document below.


Admission Policy September 2022-23

Please find below links to our Admission Rules, Supplementary Information and CRP Forms for Nursery and Reception Entry in September 2023.  If you have any questions please either:

To access the documents, click the links below :

*The 2022/2023 polocies have been amended as legally required under the School Admissions Code 2021. Any parent who has read the policies before the 31st August 2021 is advised to review these again. 

Admissions documentation 

Nursery Entry

Reception Entry

Entry during the school year

*Nursery Admissions 2022-23                                          *Reception Admissions 2022-23 In Year Admission
Supplementary Information Form (SIF) 2022-23 Supplementary Information Form (SIF) 2022-23  
Certificate of Religious Practice 2022-23 Certificate of Religious Practice 2022-23

Admissions consultation 2024-25

Wolfson Hillel Primary School is consulting on its admissions arrangements for 2024/25.

The main changes to our admissions arrangements are to the Certificate of Religious Practice (CRP) form, which is used to demonstrate eligibility for a priority faith place in our school. The changes being proposed are:

  • You can now collect synagogue attendance points on Friday night or Shabbat morning services for eligible dates (on only one service per shabbat, but not points for both services on the same Shabbat), providing more opportunity to attend synagogue, including on Friday night where synagogues have put in place provision for recording CRP points.
  • Online synagogue services have been removed from the form, but placed in an emergency box at the bottom, which can only be used with the authorisation of the Chief Rabbi, in the event of a national emergency which prohibits in-person synagogue attendance.
  • The online CRP Judaism course is now the Tribe CRP Judaism Course, which runs in-person at a number of synagogues.


The elements of our arrangements that are not changing are:

  • All other elements of the CRP form are not changing, including the sections on Jewish education and volunteering.
  • Our Published Admission Number remains 60.
  • All other elements of our published admissions arrangements, including our Admissions Policy and Supplementary Information form, remain the same.


Please find below a copy of the revised Certificate of Religious Practice form.

If you have comments in relation to any of these changes, please send them to Angela Bass at angela.bass@whjps.jcat.co.uk

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