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Thank you to all those who attended our open day on November 25th. We loved having the chance to show you around our wonderful school


If you missed the open day and would like additional information on how you can see the school, please contact the school office at schooloffice@wolfsonhillel.enfield.sch.uk


Admissions update 21/22 in light of covid-19

Wolfson Hillel has worked with the Office of the Chief Rabbi and the United Synagogue as part of a group application to vary our admission arrangements for the 2021/22 academic year. A revised, interim Certificate of Religious Practice (CRP) form has been submitted to the Education Skills and Funding Agency (ESFA) as part of this application. The ESFA is currently processing an exceptionally large number of similar applications from schools across the country as a result of Covid-19. We have not yet received notification that our application to vary our admission arrangements by using this revised CRP form has been approved. However, we know that some schools using the same form have had their application approved. The CRP process would, in a regular year, have commenced at the start of May. Therefore, in order to allow parents sufficient time to complete the requirements of this interim form, and having taken legal advice, Wolfson Hillel has taken the decsion to publish the form in advance of formal confirmation from the ESFA so that parents / carers are informed of the requirements necessary to establish faith priority for admission to the school.

Admissions Arrangements 2021/22

Please find below links to our Admission Rules and Supplementary Information Form for Nursery and Reception Entry in September 2021.  If you have any questions please either:

To access the documents, click the links below :

Admissions documentation for 2021-2022

How to get CRP Points?

For further information about the crp please click on the following link  https://www.theus.org.uk/crp

Appeals for September 2021 admission

Appeals should be submitted to the school in writing no later than 13th May 2021

Appeals will be heard between 3rd June and 18th June 2021

Decisions will be given no later than 25th June 2021

Important dates 2021-2022

Closing date for applications

15 January 2021

National Offer Day (posted)

Thursday 16th April 2021

Deadline for parents to lodge appeal

13 May 2021

Deadline for parents to receive notice of hearing date

10 days before hearing date

Deadline for all parties to submit additional evidence and Clerk to send papers to panel and parties

5 days before hearing date

Deadline for hearing appeals

18 June 2021

Deadline for sending decision letter

5 days after appeal hearing

Consultation for Admission Policy September 2022-23

Wolfson Hillel is consulting on its admissions arrangements for 2022/23.

The main changes to our admissions arrangements are to the Certificate of Religious Practice (CRP) form, which is used to demonstrate eligibility for a priority faith place in our school. We have also made some minor changes to our Nursery and Reception Policies. 

The changes being proposed are:

  • To return to accepting verified synagogue attendance as a way to gain CRP points, which was not possible for admissions cycle 2021/22 while synagogues were closed during lockdown.
  • To remove the exemption that applied in admissions cycle 2021/22 to the sibling of an older applicant to the school who had previously demonstrated faith eligibility, (ie, who completed a CRP form for the school to which the sibling / current applicant is applying), which meant that they were not required to accrue CRP points. Siblings will return to the previously established position of needing to complete a CRP form themselves.
  • To extend the window during which CRP points can be obtained.
  • To provide a number of options of dates for participation in the online CRP course.
  • Some minor changes to our Nursery and Reception Admission Policies including general updating. There are no major changes in terms of the admission requirements. 

The elements of our arrangements that are not changing are:

  • Maintaining the section of the CRP form that enables self-declared attendance at online services on Friday evenings (Kabbalat Shabbat) or the eve of festivals (before the commencement of the festival), in order to provide an option in the eventuality that places of worship are closed again as a result of the pandemic or for any other reason.
  • All other elements of the CRP form are not changing, including the sections on Jewish education and volunteering.
  • Our Published Admission Number remains 30 places in each of the two classes in every school year
  • The Supplementary Information Form ‚Äč

Please find attached a copy of our full admissions arrangements, including the revised Admissions Policies, Supplementary Information Form and the Certificate of Religious Practice form.

If you have comments in relation to any of these changes, please send them to the Chair of Governors at schooloffice@wolfsonhillel.enfield.sch.uk

Consultation documentation 

Nursery admissions policy 2022-2023 for consultation   Reception admissions policy 2022-2023 for consultation   EYFS CRP form 2022-2023   

Supplementary information form (SIF) 2022-2023

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