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Donate a Library Book Scheme

As we like to continually replenish our Library with newly published and current books we run a scheme whereby parents can donate £5, £10 or more dedicated to their child/ren for their birthday.

This money is used to purchase a new book and the name of the child is inscribed inside.  The books are placed on the shelves and can be borrowed by the whole school.  We always endeavour to buy books suitable for the birthday child’s age group so that he/she can enjoy them too.

If you would like to donate a book please ask for the Birthday Book letter from the school office.

Book Week

The school has an annual themed Book Week in which we have lots of interesting activities for all the pupils.  We invite various key speakers, authors and story tellers.

During this week we run a poetry competition which encourages the children to learn a new poem and recite this in front of their peer group.  A book prize is awarded to the winners of each year group.

We run a successful book fair during this week for parents to come and purchase popular titles and exciting new books.  This is always very well attended and parents are always happy to support us in this event.   We run the fair at convenient times: one morning a week and every afternoon.

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